Memeful posts: Flappy Addiction

Is this what they call a love hate relationship?^

My very first meme post, and it’s about Flappy Bird. I understand that the Flappy Bird topic is quite overdone these days (be it game commentators or memes), but it’s still hard not to write something about it.

What makes this game so popular? In all honesty, I see no point in the game – the medals don’t earn you anything like a customized bird or something similar, unlike games such as Fruit Ninja (the coins you earn allow you to buy special swords). Also, speaking from personal experience and watching others, the game causes quite a fit of rage and extreme cussing (there have been a few phone casualties too).

Perhaps the reason why we’re* so addicted to the game is not because we like it, but because Flappy releases our inner competitiveness; the need to beat our previous score and surpass that other person who got a 30. Of course, that’s only my hypothesis.

Anyhow, I have successfully gotten myself hooked onto Flappy Bird and at a grand high score of 5, I’m sure this addiction will be going on for sometime; a wild adventure of love and hate. I look forward to the day I get my first medal, though that goal seems quite far off.

*Please note that my use of “we” should probably changed into “I.” I cannot speak for others, though I would like to think that the majority of people feel the same way as I do about the game.


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