Dear piano

My dear piano.

Our tuneful melody will play on,

I thought

To myself,

It can continue,

Our relationship,

It can be salvaged.

Six long years,

A journey of ups and downs,

 In my life.

Your importance,

 I never realized,

It pains me to know

That I am the cause of our parting,

This will be the last time.

I touch the ebony black and ivory white,

Memories embedded into the wood,

Tunes played everyday,

Until now.

I’ve seen a lot of bottom to top and top to bottom poems lately (I’m not sure what to call them), so I decided to write my own. It’s in need of a lot of work, but since I was going to write something about my last chance of performing with my piano, I decided to choose this “format.” I’m happy to say that I will be continuing to play piano (the whole quitting incident is over with now) and exploring the depths of Gershwin and Bach!


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