Food: Dango vs. Mochi

People commonly get dangos and mochi mixed up – I can’t blame them. Dangos are related to mochis however the two are completely different:



Dangos are sweet dumplings made of Mochiko a rice flour. Dangos are usually served with tea and can be found year round (though there might be different varieties during different seasons). Traditionally, three to four dangos are placed on a skewer (as shown in the picture above).


Mochi with red bean paste filling.


A mochi is a Japanese rice cake. They can be any shape (molds are sold for specific shapes) and are usually eaten around the time of the New Year. The texture of mochi is sticky and there are usually fillings inside the mochi (usually red bean paste and taro). However, mochi isn’t always made of sticky rice! Ice cream mochi is another variety:

Ice Cream Mochi





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