About Mochi:

I’m not sure exactly what I should post about myself so here goes…

I’m currently a college student in the United States living at home with my parents, two younger sisters, a dog, a cat, and a very old goldfish.

My favorite pastimes include playing the violin, piano, drawing, and running outside – only when the sun is out though; otherwise I use the treadmill. I used to play tennis as a sport, but now it’s more of a hobby and only when I can find time.

In terms of blogging, I also run the Empire Mochi blog though it’s currently on hiatus for now. I mostly blog on Peach blogs since I can “freely express” my opinions better (the Empire blog is for another thing). Anyhow, I hope this is enough information to help you know me a little!

About the Blog:

Why “Peach” Blogs?:

I decided to name this blog “Peach” based on my nickname Momo (Momo in Japanese means Peach).


Peach Blogs is a structurally random blog (I assure you the two things are not mutually exclusive), which means that though the blog covers quite a few topics, everything is organized into categories. The categories active so far are:

  • Discussion Pro/Con (Pro Con doesn’t usually show up though)
  • Food/Art
  • Picture
  • Poem
  • Poll
  • Quote of the Day (which isn’t everyday, though I should probably make a more conscious effort so that it is)

I’m open to discuss other topics too so don’t think that I’m limited to these topics only! Thanks for reading and visiting 🙂


Note: None of the pictures belong to me! I only own the writing.


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