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Haiku: Death of Spring

The weather has been absolutely horrid as of late. Though I’m not usually one to complain that much about it,  there must be a limit to how long winter will last – the end of March and it’s still snowing?! Seeing fat snowflakes once again litter the ground, I’ve decided to write a haiku in honor of Spring whom is dead or on vacation somewhere else.

Icy petals fall,

A bleached white landscape of ice,

A winterous Spring.


Adoption – Don’t tell me how “Selfless” Birth Mothers Are


HarsH ReaLiTy

I read a ton of adoption articles and posts. I continuously see the words “the birth mother was so selfless in the adoption process.” I can’t swallow that. Granted some women are in a hard place and their action is what is best for them at the time, but don’t feed me the line “she was selfless.” If anything we might as well change that to “selfish” since the decision is about her. To claim the decision is about the child when that child is not yet even born yet is idiotic to me. I can’t accept that.

As an adoptee I understand the feeling of rejection that often comes with the realization that you were given up. We have TV to thank for providing a myriad of “reasons” why this takes place, but ONLY one reason is ever the “true” reason per individual. That is what many people just don’t…

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