No More “Bad Memories”

In the 21st century, science is blooming in a variety of ways. From creating new medical technology, to saving people’s lives with medicine, humans are finding ways to make the “impossible” possible. However, is this influx of discoveries necessarily good? Yes, many lives can be saved from a new drug developed to battle possible epidemics, but have people thought about the other side of scientific discoveries?

I recently read an article that said scientists have found a way to erase bad memories (I’m not sure exactly how valid this article/study is since I found it on a random website, but I thought it would be worth thinking about). At first thought, it seems like an ingenious idea; soldiers afflicted with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) can now be cured instead of having to go through hours of therapy. However, like all drugs good and bad, they are abused and used for the wrong things in the wrong hands.

Treating soldiers with this pill would mean that the military would have access to it. Not to be prejudiced towards the military, but they would probably  abuse this drug. In the worst case scenario, soldiers would be sent to battles, come back, have their mind erased with the pill, then sent back again – yes the soldiers won’t be afflicted with PTSD, but they’ll be turned into almost-mindless killing machines. Of course, this may not be the case and perhaps I’m merely imagining a dystopian world in the depths of literature, however no one can say that this is not a possibility.

Another drawback of the pill would be the affect it has on teenagers. Do  we not have enough drug abuse already? It wasn’t long ago that I was a teenager and from what I have heard and experienced, I’m sure that plenty (if not all) of my friends would have used the pill at least twice. Two times isn’t that bad, but once teens find the “opiate” (for lack of better term) of the pill, they will begin to use it more.

Finally, this pill would be the perfect escape way for terrorists and similar organizations. This does seem rather far off from reality, but from the recent occurrences with “gun terrorism”, it doesn’t appear to be that distant. If this pill were to fall in their hands, how would we find out why they did it and what group they belonged to? Torture obviously won’t work because they don’t remember. 

Now, for all my pessimistic views about the drug, I do think it’s a good discovery; a good idea. I don’t believe though, that it is a good idea to actually use this drug. Not only will adults be placed in danger, but so will children. Scientists discover ingenious things and expand the possibilities of humans to extremes, however the next time they decide to take another step forward, perhaps they should think about the consequences the discovery might hold.

Note: I can add citations if necessary. 🙂