Sounds of Concentration

“Don’t listen to music while studying, you’ll get distracted!”

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard this phrase – from teachers to parents to tutors, it seems that everybody believes that music and sounds make you counterproductive. However, I find this to be completely untrue. Though the method of concentration varies from person to person, I find listening to “elevator music” or “white noise” type sounds helps me study better.*

Below are a few links that I use:

Music:   (It says relaxing, but it just helps me calm down and work – no falling asleep here!)


*There are scientific articles debating for music and against music while studying which I won’t delve into since it honestly depends on the type of person.


Quote of the Day: Musicality

“Music is the sound of feelings.”


A good tip of advice for musicians or aspiring musicians! Whether you’re playing in a competition, at a recital, or simply for fun, the key to a good performance is feelings. Though it sounds cheesy and rather superficial, I have used this method several times in competitions. In the midst of a performance, not many people will pay attention to note accuracy (of course, this is in the case that you do not  stop and completely mess up), however, if you play stiffly, your performance will be affected greatly.

Express yourself the next time you play 🙂

Dear piano

My dear piano.

Our tuneful melody will play on,

I thought

To myself,

It can continue,

Our relationship,

It can be salvaged.

Six long years,

A journey of ups and downs,

 In my life.

Your importance,

 I never realized,

It pains me to know

That I am the cause of our parting,

This will be the last time.

I touch the ebony black and ivory white,

Memories embedded into the wood,

Tunes played everyday,

Until now.

I’ve seen a lot of bottom to top and top to bottom poems lately (I’m not sure what to call them), so I decided to write my own. It’s in need of a lot of work, but since I was going to write something about my last chance of performing with my piano, I decided to choose this “format.” I’m happy to say that I will be continuing to play piano (the whole quitting incident is over with now) and exploring the depths of Gershwin and Bach!