Food: Oatmeal

The sight of oatmeal is enough to invoke shudders and nausea for those who do not appreciate bland healthy food in the morning. Not only does oatmeal look unappealing, the taste is also quite …tasteless. As someone who doesn’t enjoy breakfast much less oatmeal, a pile of gray slime is the last thing I want to have for breakfast. However lately, there have been many articles detailing the pros of having oatmeal for breakfast – lower the risk of heart disease, decrease cholesterol, weight control, and much more. Thus, I have decided to find some ways to spice up this boring breakfast item and spread the benefits of oatmeal.

Dried Fruits:

Dried fruits are a quick and delicious way of adding taste to oatmeal. Add whatever fruit you like!


Nuts are a great way of getting healthy fats so why not combine it with oatmeal to make a delicious nutrient packed meal?


If you’re feeling up to a slightly more time consuming breakfast, use fresh fruit! Though preparation time might be longer, you’ll definitely get more taste than dried fruit.

There are many many more ways to spice up your oatmeal (granola will work too!) so try a few on your own!