Discussion: Are Standardized Tests Worth Taking?

Whether or not students should take standardized tests has always been a large controversy in schools. Some argue that the tests are a waste of time and don’t even accurately depict what a student is like, while others will say that the tests are useful in pressuring schools to teach students. Below, I have listed a few bullet points (and perhaps a few paragraphs) on the pros and cons of this topic. Of course, there are many more points than these however I feel like the ones below, are the points that stand out to me the most. 
Please Note: Some information in the following points were taken from articles online. The information belongs to their respective authors. 


  • Standardized tests help pressure schools into teaching students all the curriculum.
  • Tests such as the SAT and ACT act as a “standard” to measure different students of different abilities.
  • The tests do not discriminate between students (unlike other methods of college application which is another long story).
  • State standardized tests are good at finding out which schools are behind and what curriculum they need to improve upon.


  • SAT and ACT tests are a waste of time for high school seniors. Predicting how well a student will do in college by using their grades in high school is more accurate than using their scores on the SAT and ACT.
  • Test anxiety proves a large problem for students and they usually “blank out” on the test, leaving them with a score that isn’t accurate.
  • Motivation to cheat. Yes, cheating is bad and academic integrity should be upheld at all times, however when a test that will determine your future (e.g. ACT/SAT) appears, it’s hard not to give into the nasty urge to peek.
  • “Teaching to the test” – a popular phrase coined for schools that teach only what is on a test, and nothing more. Students are not getting the total amount of knowledge they can get.

What are your thoughts on standardized tests?